[Book] Fairweather of the Bark Endeavour

Fairweather of the Bark Endeavour is the history of Captain Cook's journey to discover Australia. As the ship's cat Fairweather tells the story from his perspective. Fairweather was the Bark Endeavour’s cat.

fairweather-of-the-bark-endeavourFrom ferocious storms to balmy beaches, all of the moments of this feline’s fate have been found and can explain so many missing details from the start of Fairweather’s boarding in a duffle bag to the return of the ship 3 years later laden with discoveries and the untold stories of life at sea on the Endeavour as only a cat could see it.

Here lies the enticing true and trusted story as told by Fairweather, the custodian of the missing truth and facts of the amazing history of the Endeavour’s voyage.

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Published on March 24, 2022

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